Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nothing is sweeter than summertime....

And...the count down is OVER! It's SUMMER!!
The last day of school was a little bittersweet. I LOVE my kids. I would do just about anything to help them but I sure did need this break. People tell me that I have a "cake" job. Sure, I get the summers off, spring break, and a week or 2 at Christmas but, I'm absolutely positive that if teachers didn't have those breaks they would be missing hair and be a little more on the crazy side then they already are.
2 points for the longest run on sentence ever.

I started off my summer with a weekend with my favorite girls!

If you know me well then you know you don't find me in a swim suit often or in a swimming pool. I'm just not a big fan of showing everyone my business. ha. Anyway, Brooke, Sara, Kristy and I went to sneak into lay out at a pool near our house. Yes, I wore a swimsuit. No, I didn't take off my clothes for anyone to see it. This is what happened last time I layed out.

We finished up the weekend with Caprock (twice).

and Cujos and Sex and the City 2.

These girls are always so much fun!

3 weeks until we are cruisin'. CAN'T wait.
I haven't posted on my running lately because, well, I haven't been running. I'm heading out early in the morning for a run, working out with Billy later and a soccer game tomorrow night. Wish me luck!